Working on Carolina Fence Garden in Laurens, SC


Jr. Master Gardener Program (Gary Pierre).  After school program for 3rd through 5th graders.  Click here to assist with the program.

Church Giving Garden (Joanne Thomason) – An established food bank vegetable garden on church grounds in Laurens – Click here to volunteer to cultivate, plant, maintain and harvest.

Team Ecology (Connie Daniels) –    Vermicomposting project for third graders in Laurens County – Click here to volunteer to help May 16-19, 2017.

Garden Beautification (Liz Tapp) – Maintenance and enhancements of gardens established by the LCMGA, e.g. Butterfly Garden at Joe Adair Education Center, Presbyterian Home Perennial Garden, Carolina Fence Garden at Laurens County Museum.  Click here to volunteer.

Farmers’ Market (Gary Pierre) – Man LCMGA booth at the Market on Saturday mornings during the summer to answer questions, recruit members for 2016 Master Gardener Class.  Click here to volunteer.

Extension Office Support (Bryan Smith) – Man the Master Gardener desk at predetermined times.

Communications and Public Relations (Connie Daniels) – Communicate announcements to media; coordinate LCMGA T-shirt orders and work with the Program Chairman to get publicity for MG events and special projects.

Evergreen Skills Vegetable Garden (Jim Nelson) – This garden, new in 2013, was the first of a planned network of community gardens.  Funded by a grant from Laurens YMCA, the garden is part of the Y’s Pioneering Healthy Communities effort and will be installed and maintained by volunteers working together with handicapped adults.  Click here to volunteer.

Clinton Community Garden (Marc McVicker)  Volunteer activities will include, be not be limited to sowing seeds, transplanting seedlings, planting seedlings and transplants into the garden, mulching and staking of young plants.