2017 Team Ecology




It was a busy morning at the Joe R. Adair Outdoor Education Center as a few Master Gardeners put together all the worm bins for the 3rd grade teachers in the county in preparation for Team Ecology. Thanks to a slew of healthy red wigglers from Bonnie Hadden’s own worm composting bin we were able to put 12 healthy worms in each bin. Our other helper was a 4th grader who needed service hours for Beta Club. After the worm bin project was completed we worked a bit on the Butterfly Garden. With Bonnie Hadden, Pat Moberg, Liz Tapp, Connie Daniels



The 2017 Team Ecology will be held May 16 through May 19, 2017 with set up day on Monday, May 15 at the Joe R. Adair Outdoor Education Center in Laurens, SC.  This 3rd graders environmental education event is put on by the Laurens County Soil & Water Conservation District and the Laurens County Chamber of Commerce.  More than 700 3rd graders will be attending.  To see short videos of past events, go to YouTube and search: 2014 Team Ecology, 2015 Team Ecology and 2016 Team Ecology.  If you are interested in volunteering, please contact us using the Contact page on this website.