2016 TEAM Ecology

Check out the 2016 YouTube video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JyNyMavR-bA

TEAM Ecology 2016 will be a year to remember because of rain.  Rain between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.!!  But it did not faze the MG volunteers at all!  Plan B consisted of double the class size because the nature hike had to be cancelled.  The Montessori puppet show had to be moved indoor so Glenn Blocker had an opportunity to teach the students about some of the skeletons in the Glenn Blocker Lab at the Adair Center.  Several MG’s went with the flow when schedules had to be changed because of situations with other volunteers, working first at one educational station for a couple of days and then teaching at another educational station.  One parent reported to me as he was there with his 3rd grader that he was “blown away” by the program and all the education that was taking place.  Later when I saw him he reported that his daughter was now looking at the Mobius Loop number on the bottom of recyclable items!  By the end of the week we were still smiling being thankful that we had accomplished yet another, although daunting at times, successful TEAM Ecology.


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Packing day for TEAM Ecology!  Some 725 cinch packs stuffed with education information, coloring books, magnets, etc.  And after that was finished, we prepped the “Ecology trees” that the TEAM Ecology art station would have as their activity for the 3rd grade students.Oh, the memories!

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Who would have believed that making worm bins could be fun??  Several members of the MG Association along with folks interested in TEAM Ecology made 44 desk top worm bins at the Joe R. Adair Outdoor Education Center on Saturday, April 9.  Each of the 3rd grade teachers in District 55 and 56 will receive one of these worm bins with 12 healthy worms in each bin along with a lesson plan on composting worms and their care.  An assembly line was soon set up and the process was completed without any hitches.  The worm bins will be delivered to the schools on Monday, April 11.  When each class comes to the Adair Center beginning May 17, they will bring their bins with them and a different 3rd grade class with count the worms in their bin.  Hopefully they will still have at least 12 worms and maybe a baby worm or two.

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