2017 Spotlight on Agriculture

Providing the table flower arrangements for Spotlight on Agriculture was extremely challenging this year for the LC Master Gardener Association.  The reason:  no flowers were growing in the yards of the LCMGA members.  Well, very few flowers.  There were about 10 daffodils!  Most of the daffodils had finished blooming a while ago.  Other flowers were damaged by the unusual freezing weather the week of Spotlight.  So for the first time, we actually bought some daffodils, irises, tulips and helleborus.  Thankfully the folks who volunteered for this project had herbs , beautiful blooming shrubbery branches as well as colorful and interesting shrubbery leaves and branches.  With the creative magic of those helping, beautiful table arrangements were made along with a special arrangement for the front of the podium as well as the awards table.  Thanks to all who could help and who donated greenery for this project:  Russel Bauman, Steve Bishop, Connie Daniels, Martha Henderson, Elizabeth McKinney, Marc McVicker, Jane Nelson, Jim Nelson, Gary Pierre, Ray Seay, Pat Starnes, Liz Tapp, Doris Taylor, Joanne Thomason and Debbie Vaughn.