2016 Junior Master Gardener Program

DSC02012DSC02018     The final topic at the Jr. Master Gardener program was Life Skills and Career Exploration with Katie Shaw where the students learned about some of the career possibilities utilizing horticulture knowledge, such as being a plant scientist. They did a hands-on art project about horticulture following which they made Mason Jar herb gardens to take home with them. The course ended with the students being awarded a Certificate of Completion of the Laurens County Junior Master Gardener Program. Congratulations to all these fine young gardeners!

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The topic at the Jr. Master Gardener class on February 23 was Vegetables and Herbs taught by Master Gardener Jane Nelson. The students learned about some of the cold weather crops and warm weather crops in the Piedmont Region of S.C. as well as the length of time from germination to harvest. They learned what the acronym PLANT stands for in gardening terms. They were able to touch and smell Oregano, Fennel, Rosemary and Thyme herbs and learned about various types of foods where these herbs enhance flavoring in recipes. They learned that butterflies love to use the fennel plant to leave their eggs on and when the eggs become caterpillars, the caterpillars will eat the fennel plant. Then the caterpillars undergo metamorphosis to become wonderful butterflies.

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The topic of the Jr. MG class on February 16 was Fruits and Nuts.  There is certainly more to learn about this subject than what can be taught in an hour or hour and a half class.  However, Victoria Blackstone was able to give the students a great overview of planting and caring for various fruits and nuts that can be grown in South Carolina.  It looks like the students were having a fun time!

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This week’s subject matter at the Jr. Master Gardener class concerned Landscape Horticulture.  The teacher was Marc McVicker, horticulturalist from Clinton.

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Yesterday (2.2.16) the Junior Master Gardeners were learning about Insects and Plant Diseases  from Katie Shaw, Laurens County 4-H and Youth Development Extension Agent.

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Jr. MG students learning about Soils from Clay Cotney, Director of the Joe R. Adair

Outdoor Education Center on 1.26.16.

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