2016 Farmers Market


The Master Gardeners (Gary Pierre and Joanne Thomason) at the MG table at the Laurens Farmers’ Market continue to answer public inquires about gardening issues.  The big emphasis now is to remind folks that there is only a short time left to sign up for the MG class on or before August 9.  Thanks to Pat Starnes for all the butterfly weed and other plants that she grew that the MG’s are selling as their fundraiser this year.  We still have some of Cynde O’Rear’s registered daylilies also.



Another good turn out at the Farmers Market July 2.  Guess everyone was looking for fresh vegetables for July 4 celebrations!  Jane and Jim Nelson along with Gary Pierre answered questions during the early hours and then David and Renee Richmond took over for the final two hours.  It is fun to see people get excited about the inexpensive daylillies that we have for sale as our fundraiser this year.  Thanks so much to Master Gardener Cynde O’Rear for donating her registered daylillies for the fundraiser!


DSC02776 DSC02778 DSC02783 There was a really nice turn-out on June 11 for the first day of the 2016 Farmers Market. Pat Moberg, Ed Taylor and Gary Pierre worked at the MG table. The fundraiser for the MG’s in 2016 will be to sell registered daylilies. These daylilies were donated by one of our MG’s who is redoing her garden space. The selection is absolutely wonderful with many unusual color combinations.