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A sampling of Ask a Master Gardener questions:
Issue 017 – Daffodils, Jonquils and Narcissus – Answers the question: What is the difference between daffodils, jonquils and narcissus?
Issue 025 – How Do Plants Know Spring – Answers the question: How Do Plants Know When It Is Spring?
Issue 033 – Sunlight and Plants – Answers the questions: What are the varying requirements of sunlight for plants and how critical it may be to
provide the right amount to produce healthy plants? What is the difference between long-day and short-day plants? Why are plants green?
Issue 046 – Dogwood Trees and Squirrels – Answers the question: I have a 15 year-old dogwood tree, and the squirrels are eating next year’s flower pods/seedpods as we speak. Is this a problem for the tree or is it good?
Issue 066 – Azaleas – Answers the question: I would like to plant azaleas in my landscape. Is it too late to plant now for spring bloom?